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Fish on a Bike


"Man needs Religion like a fish needs a bicycle"
Vique's Law

..and if anybody knows who Vique was I'd love to know. A Spanish philosopher?
Whatever - undeniably FIRST for fish on bikes.

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"
Irina Dunn

No, not Gloria Steinem, although she is often credited with the phrase.
Not U2 either (Throwin' Your Arms Around the World off Achtung Baby). Long time after.

See this posting by Jazzoctopus, fabulous denizen of the wonderful AWAD for details.
John S.Allen has the full story, including exclusive recent comments from Irina Dunn.

"The world needs another dotcom like a fish needs a bicycle"
Adam the Fish

Yet here we all are!

Any more "..like a fish needs a bike" expressions?
Please Tell Me!

















The True Origin of FOAB


  1. I couldn't resist the domain name. Even better than forgettable.com (previously favoured).
  2. I like cycling (to work, especially) and that's one definite site theme.
  3. I like a lot of what's associated with fish -
    • Drinking.
    • The Surreal (Q: How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: A fish.)
    • Monty Python. Loads of fishy material.
    • Ummm, Fishing. The amusing side of it, as exemplified by the RWSAC (which still makes me chuckle on every visit).
    • Not the "Fish4a.." crew, even if I've just given them a plug.
  4. Oh yes, I also like windsurfing. That's vaguely fishy. Wet, anyway.
  5. The Guinness ad images of fish riding bikes -
    See these on the Guinness page.
  6. Some relatives signing up with madasafish.com.
    Brilliant domain name, and well deserving of a free plug!
Anybody know of any good fishy Monty Python sites? Or surreal sites?
Please Let Me Know!

P.S. Check out Where Next? for how the philosophy has evolved...

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