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Fish on a Bike

Sightings of Fish on Bikes

Now, I've not exactly done a comprehensive search here - just applied my favourite engines FAST Search, Google and good old Altavista, briefly checking if anything exciting turned up with Ask Jeeves. A reasonable level of success, though.

A special mention must be made for the closest fishonabike has to a sibling, being John S. Allen's Fish and Bicycle Page. Check it out for even more great pictures.
While you're in the neighborhood, John's home page is great fun, and turning momentarily serious, his skills as a legal eagle championing cyclists and as a keyboard designer are pretty awesome (see bikexprt.com).

Here we are for my own collection of pix. Note that the Guinness Fish on a Bike promotion images have moved.

I'd be delighted to receive information on any other FOB sightings. Also if you know any more about those referenced.
Drop me a line!

"Piscis Bicyclata"

Reno Nguyen's Fish on a Bike picture (slightly enhanced) This, you may have noticed, is the main site logo, and once I've developed a miniature version, I'll incorporate it far more comprehensively. The business! It's a slightly modified version of a picture produced by Reno Nguyen, a onetime student at Chesapeake Biological Lab, in order to promote an excellent annual biathlon  (cycling and  walking) fun event which benefits the Lab and the environment - Chesapeake Bay more specifically. The original picture also has an equally entertaining crab ambling alongside the fish. This may be available as a T-shirt design, especially if you attend the biathlon. Which incidentally happens yearly around August, I believe.  Thanks, Reno, and thanks CBL/biathlon people for letting me hijack the image.

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Steven Gregory's Sculpture

Steven Gregory's Fish on a Bike sculpture I originally found this picture in the Goodwood archive, then it appeared as a current exhibit. Missed seeing the real thing, even though Goodwood is just up the road from where I live; but now it's back in the archive again, and looks permanent (though it looked permanent before it vanished last time, too). Anyway, check out the link, as there's an interesting write-up and another picture there.

Other works by Steven Gregory are referenced on the same site in his profile.

Seems to me Mr Gregory has an excellent sense of humour. Quite a laid-back fish this one, at the same time proud of itself - like someone getting around without stabilisers for the first time. Or a cyclist overtaking stationary traffic on the inside (love that feeling).

This picture is a hyperlink to a slightly larger version, if you're interested.

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Sparrow King's Sculpture

Sparrow King's Fish on a Bike sculpture This is a good one, and pretty much speaks for itself, I think..
The pictures were sent me by the sculpture's creator Sparrow King. She tells me that - tragically - this sculpture has now been dismantled.

This picture is a hyperlink to a detail, which is well worth seeing if, like me, you miss the joke first time (d'oh!)

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Ray Troll's T-shirt design

Ray Troll's Fish on a Bike T-shirt design This is a T-shirt design I found at Troll Art, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", and this particular fish really does look out of its element - and out of control, at that! Makes an interesting comparison to the other Sightings. I like the slightly psychedelic feel of this picture, the use of colour, and especially all the fun stuff happening in the borders. Reminds me of everything from Van Gogh to album covers to MAD magazine. Which probably says more about me than the design.

Ray Troll's site overall is full of good things and well worth a visit.

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A Fish(i)er Bike...

Fish riding a Fisher bike A picture retrieved from a site discussing the history of advertising, if memory serves.

"What kind of bike does a fish ride?

- A Fisher bike, of course!"

ha ha ha ha <groan>

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...and a Bike like a Fish!

Bike decorated like a fish. Sort of. The original source of the photo has dried up, but I have found out that the photo was taken at the "Burning Man" Festival, a weird and wonderful cultural event (or experiment, perhaps) that takes place at Black Rock City (US). Just to confuse the unknowing, Black Rock City isn't really a city at all. Check out the Burning Man link for enlightenment.

I'd especially recommend the Burning Man Image Gallery, as there appears to be a common tendency for people to take the piscine.

I used to confuse this picture with a "sculpture" by William Turville, which is well-referenced, with a large detailed photo and description, on good old John S.Allen's FIsh and Bike page. Worth checking out either way.

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"fish on bike" Martin Picard's photo "fish on bike" is yet another visual pun, which I discovered thanks to the iVelo.com page mentioned previously. Possibly not as manufactured as Sparrow King's sculpture above, nor as funny in my opinion, but hey, I can live with a bit of culture!

It's a very well-taken photo, almost tactile. Strangely fascinating and disturbing.
If you like this photo there's a whole batch of related pix at Nanou Photo Archives - just click on the arrows when you get there. No other fish on bike pictures, though.

Such a shame.

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